99 Cent Store

I went with my
9 out of 10 lover
To a 99 cent store
Where we laughed at ugliness
And cheapness but
Secretly worried because
It was our job to
Make everything beautiful again.
In aisle 5, she admitted
She wanted to live in a greenhouse,
Venus Flytraps kissing her neck
And leaving hickeys
As she slept.
I counted 1, 2, 3, expecting my
9 out of 10 lover to vanish
But when I reached 4,
She was still in aisle 5.
Pirouetting from product to product,
She laughed at ugliness
And cheapness, but with kindness
In her eyes and a desire to
Make everything better.
When we found a
Faux Christmas tree,
I knew I wanted to
Sit with her beside it
When winter came,
Decorating it with bargain
Bin ornaments.
We’d fall asleep as cheap
Lights twinkled around us,
And chicken and rice
From the Spanish takeout
Festered on a coffee table
Found from the sidewalk.