at the secret bar

I piss for as long as an angel,
then leave the bathroom
to return to my drink.
glasses are handed to me one by one,
each filled with a different sea.
riptides of whiskey make my mind mossy,
bringing me closer and closer
to the destination I have longed for.
it is close. when I stand to float back
to the bathroom, my knees bob like buoys.
I teleport to a toilet seat,
staring down into what probably isn’t
holy water. then teleport from stranger
to stranger in the crowded bar,
and finally back to my stool,
where I wait for the universe to end
like a one night stand.
soon, winds of evaporated merlot
will blow me back to my bed,
where a mermaid busily chops off her tail
so that I believe she’s my lover.