All autumn she woke up late,
Then put on makeup until midnight.
I tried to wake her to walk with me,
But then slept too, till we awoke at dusk.

I wanted to walk with her during autumn,
But she wouldn’t wake because
In her dreams she was planning
Her escape. In her dreams,

She bought ladders, costumes, masks:
Whatever necessary to get away.
I woke up beside her and
Her sleeping body was

In the shape of a sprint.
Sometimes I stood by the window,
Looking at the small street
And wishing we were down there,

Walking through autumn.
I went for secret walks in my mind,
While she dreamed and
Autumn came and went.

I wondered: How was autumn this year?
Were her days more beautiful,
Leaves more yellow?

I wished my lover would go outside

With me to answer these questions,
But she slept and I slept too,
Not wanting to be too far when she awoke
To murmur she missed me in her dreams.