Blue, Green

Blue can be hers, all hers,
And green mine, just mine.
She better not look at green,
Not grass, nor leaves,

Nor the cheeks of the choked,
For green is mine, so mine.
Blue is hers, so I won’t peek at sky,
Or I’ll paint the sky green,

Or I’ll paint my eyes green,
Or bury myself so all I see is black.
I need to cut her shape out of my head
With a pair of moonlit scissors.

If I do it right, I can cut her
Out of my head tonight
With tiny scissors the size of the moon
When you look up at it from an island.

The inside of my heart is always daylit,
So that’s why I never sleep,
Why my dreams have green picture frames,
Except nightmares have blue subtitles.

Staying awake in moonlight
Is too much for me anymore,
How I crave falling asleep without
Dreams of her making love to green.

Green is mine, almost all I have left,
Green is the only color I kiss,
Don’t take away my green,
I promise never to crave blue.