oh to wake up with a view of a buoy!
to swim underwater, look up,
and see the bottom of one!
to shut one’s eyes because of circumstances,
but to simultaneously hear a faraway buoy.
how simple and clear to see a buoy.
how wordless, both meaningless
and meaningful to watch a buoy.
to float on something, anything,
watching a buoy and wondering
what it would be like to hide behind it.
to swim up to a buoy and
run one’s hands alongside it –
to be miles from that same buoy,
on a ship, marveling at the sight of it,
far away and solo
as clouds cast shadows that
drift across the ocean
like colossal birthmarks.
to compare a buoy to a star.
to name your child
after the sound of a buoy.
to make love near
the sound of a buoy.
to watch a buoy float.
to watch it sink, mysteriously.