Cat in the Diner

After everyone’s gone,
She sits by the window
Of the closed diner,
Wondering why people

Would leave a place
Where you don’t need
To chase and kill for food.
People are nuts:

What else can explain why
They would leave when
They could stay forever,
Waiting on the Mexican waiter

To bring whatever they desire?
Perhaps people curl up
In comfy holes
Behind those buildings

Across the street –
Or lurk on rooftops,
Hunting up there because
Prey near the moon

Is meatier, more delicious.
Or there are safe places
To mate, far from crowds
And cacophony, where they

Take off their skin like clothes
To reveal their secret fur.
The cat purrs to wake herself up,
Then stares back into the diner at

Tables as empty as her knowledge.
The actions of people are strange
And unknown, she concludes, falling
Asleep to the clicking of traffic lights.