I dug graves in snow to sing in.
Young, beautiful blondes
Stamped out the graves,
Demanding I slay snowmen,
Then clapped when bullies
Made me squat on bird nests.
In the summer, the pool was
Filled with freckled girls
Gripping knives underwater
To stab anyone who peed.
I ran home to hide in
Bed and watch dimness.
Looking out the window,
I saw the man
In the wheelchair
Elope with the serial killer
Who lived behind the playground.
Mother was going to stone me
With coffee cups. She was going
To throw dishes at me until
I was killed by one with the
Word Arizona and a picture
Of the state national bird.
Father was so quiet that I could
Eavesdrop on all my misery from the future,
And that misery was still thirty years off!
I told the police to take him away
But when I saw fear in his eyes,
I loved him. He was remorseful and told me
All his Monopoly secrets.
I became famous for Monopoly.
I played Monopoly with presidents,
Dictators, Bobby Fischer, Stalin
And I beat them all and it was wonderful
When they patted me on the back.