You only wanted me to
Speak with cartoon bubbles.
That way, I couldn’t complain
Too much because there was
Only so much I could fit.

Once, I woke up in the bedroom
And came out to the living room
To find you doing the can-can
For toy soldiers.

We took taxis
To famous parties where you
Sold each of your eyelashes
To the highest bidder.
I thought this was funny and tried
To sell my fingernails,
But no one bought them –
Even though they were clean.
I left you to wander in your
Eerie parties where people danced
Excitedly around roadkill.

You explained that secrets
Can be locked up in the small space
Behind a knuckle or knee.
Then laughed because
I couldn’t find the secret code
Underlined by your favorite strands of hair.