Directions to My Party

Hi everyone! Thank you very much
For coming to my party. I know I live
Far away, so I’ve written these
Directions you can use to find me:

You all know how to get to the highway,
So start from there. I suggest you
Drive at dusk, when the sky is prettier
Than your intentions and you can think about

How your lives turned out better than mine.
You and I used to take care of each other
Or at least pretend to. As you drive along,
Remember all the secrets we traded,

None of which seem important
Now that everyone has hidden.
You’ll reach a lush exit, take it.
Drive six lights to a small street

Surrounded on both sides by trees
That were mauled by huge
Animals in the night. Dusk will be over
By now, and you may hear howling

In the woods: it’s the epiphanies
Of old friends who went to live
In the wild so they could forget how to talk,
And never say beautiful or sad things again.

Coast slowly through the night.
Roll down your windows to smell the mist:
It will be the first important thing
You did since betraying me.

You may think you see ghosts
Strolling along the curb,
But those are just butchers
Looking for dangerous beasts

To pet, flatter, and slaughter.
As you get closer, try to guess
Why I live so far away from
The happy places we used to wander.

You’ll reach a cul-de-sac.
There is only one house, mine.
Park in shadows and don’t worry
If you suddenly remember awful things

You did to me when we were younger.
I’ve forgiven you and prepared
Some delicious drinks and snacks,
And only the olives are poisoned!

Walk pensively to my door, but
Beware of carnivores near your legs.
They eat anyone who isn’t pure,
And that’s all of us, right?

I promise to open the door
As soon as you knock.
You can enter, or leave right away,
Depending on what you see in my eyes.