Drag Queen

Strutting down the boardwalk,
He blew kisses at kites in the sky
Because they were the last
Pure thing in the world.

He smiled and posed as he
Stalked the coastline, but behind his
Sunglasses were tears plucked
From women during eclipses.

He arranged those tears on
The dark circles under his eyes,
Then smiled because he wanted people
To think he was the happiest woman.

He snickered at jugglers on stilts
Because they distracted everyone
From the most important thing:
His mother’s frilly white dress.

Wearing it, he remembered
Walking with her down
The boardwalk as ketchup crinkled
At the corners of his tiny mouth.

That was a long time ago
But the ocean looked the same.
Amusement rides were painted
Differently with patterns

More mystical. Rides sped
To melodies now forgotten
Except by people too old
To make love.