Eulogy for My Imaginary Friend

I had wonderful times talking to you
Even though you didn’t exist:
You stood guard by the foot
Of my bed, in case

The murderer in the forest snuck in
To dissect me into semicircles,
Or paper dolls tried to
Slit my neck with their sides.

When I got up in the middle
Of the night, you marched
In front in the gloom, in case
Guests in the hallway tried to

Strangle me with frosted gloves,
Or throw me to the carpet and kick me
Over and over to shine their shoes.
You led the way through the dark,

Though now I’m not sure you could
Have protected me since you were made
From the same invisible ink as a ghost –
You would have uselessly flailed windy fists

As I was attacked by the cast of a nightmare.
Thankfully, nothing bad happened
On those long, winter nights
While everyone in the world slept

And I asked you the deepest questions.
When you didn’t reply,
Which was always,
I answered them for you.

I’m so sorry, I no longer believe
You exist, can you forgive me?
At least I’ve written a beautiful
Eulogy that begins like this:

I spoke to you even if you weren’t there.