I don’t know if you know it,
But your feet rub against
Mine when we sleep.
Your soles rub the top of my feet,

My soles rub the top of yours,
Your toes tiptoe on my ankles,
My toes interlace your toes,
Your heel strokes mine as if

Stroking a crystal ball.
The permutations are endless.
I never say anything,
But wonder if you know

For you face the other way
And I can’t see if
Your eyes are open or
You are already dreaming.

If you are dreaming,
Are you running away in them,
And do the tops of my feet
Feel like the hills you race up and down?

Or are you flying, and my feet are
The clouds you step on,
One by one, like rungs on a ladder,
Bringing you closer to airborne birds

Whose bellies you quickly kiss
As they glide by?
Or maybe you are awake,
And care so much that you

Are trying to polish my feet
Till they even look beautiful
To crouching cats and my winter slippers.
Perhaps you are sculpting them,

Stealthily eroding them with your
Subtle rubbing so that one day
I’ll wake up and the outline of my footprints
Will be perfect, like your breasts.

Or, perhaps, your intentions are
More diabolical, and you are trying
To get rid of me by eroding me
With your nocturnal footsie,

So that one day I awake and
Have no feet with which to chase you.
I guess you have been eroding me
With your kisses as well,

Gradually whittling away my face,
So you won’t see the sadness of my eyes
When you finally leave forever.
Or maybe you are just rubbing my feet

Because your feet are cold
And mine are warmer.
And maybe if that isn’t the truth,
I should believe it anyway.


  1. elena says:

    wonderful images; feet, feel like the hills you race (in your dreams)
    clouds you step on, birds,
    very tender but down to
    In general, tender but down to Earth, congrats, Joesito