Halloween from a Cab

I’m in the back of a cab
Buzzed again
Getting closer and closer
To where?
Getting closer and closer
To nowhere and damn
It feels good!

The meter clicks
As I ask the cabbie
How much it would cost
To take me to Hell.
Outside the fogged glass
Everyone wants to bang
An angel.
Angels want to bang demons,
And demons want to
Kiss the armpits of zombies,
Until the zombies giggle
Instead of staying composed
And creepy.
Constellations are
In the shape of famous
Porno stars
And traffic lights are
Chartreuse, turquoise, and
Pink instead of red, yellow,
And green.
Jesus gets a booty call,
Then makes a drunken call
To his boyfriend Buddha.
There’s a cannibal waiting
For the walk sign at the corner
Of 23rd and Broadway.
She’s shivering in the cold,
And I feel so sorry for her
That I nearly
Invite her in
To warm up and
Chew out or chew up
The cabbie for driving slow.
But the cab speeds up and
Soon we’re on the block
Of vampires, poking their fangs
Into anything red like
Chicken Tandoori, cute hairpins,
And a clown’s tampon!
My lost Pirate, are you out there,
Your neck bitten by some other monster?
I still remember the way you used
To call me monster, so lovingly,
As you stroked me in the dark
Of whichever room our clothes
Happened to be scattered in.
Now it is Halloween again
But this time you are
With some other monster
Stroking his horns, talons,
Wings, paws?
Maybe the cab just passed you,
Petting werewolves
At 14th and Broadway,
But you’re hidden behind a mask
That has the expression of
How much I used to hate you
For making me walk the plank.
Meanwhile, the cabbie
Talks on the phone
In Arabic about love
To his sweetie in Brooklyn!
Why can’t everything be as
Simple as that?