Message in a Whiskey Bottle

I have a friend who drinks
a whole bottle of whiskey every night.
After he’s good and drunk,
he writes a short, awful letter that
he stuffs into the empty bottle.

Then my friend drives through the night
to a dirty river filled with grimy, handicapped fish.
He collects all his loneliness and despair into
one, angry moment of godlike power,
and hurls the bottle far out to sea.
A school of fish nudges it even farther.

In the morning, just as he
wakes up with a terrible hangover,
the bottle floats to the feet of a beautiful woman
standing on a faraway shore.
She reads his awful words,
drops the bottle and runs back to the sea cave
where she lives with empty hermit crab shells.

Each night my friend drinks
another bottle of whiskey
and writes the same terrible letter,
and each night another one of his bottles
makes it across the sea
to another beautiful woman
with a pure heart who would love him,
if only he wrote something kind and sweet.

Of course, he does not believe this.
He drinks more and more,
and gets handjobs and fucks whores
and complains to me they all smell like shit
and never look into his eyes.