Nimbus Cloud

I feel so lame to admit
Whenever it rains
I think about
How you phoned
To say
It was pouring
On the windshield
But you couldn’t
Find a station that
Played jazz.
I kind of miss you
Even though you
Were a pain in the ass
The way you talked all night
When I just wanted
To fall asleep
In your broken bed
That cockroaches
Kept trying to crawl into.
You really were
Quite annoying the way
You kept asking if
I had baggage,
But I must admit
When it rains
I think about how sweetly
You scrunched up your face
When I pissed you off.
Why did you tell me
You like rainy days?
Is it so thoughts of you
Would pop up like memos
Whenever it rains?
Ah, Brooklyn did a good job of raising you,
My dear rain-lover.
I’m sorry I rained on your parade,
You would have been a lot
Happier with a rain dancer.
Why can’t I just love people
Who love rain?
The people who love rain
Are the wonderful ones
And I should have stayed
Under their nimbus cloud.