Apartment for Rent

We have a charming studio for rent.
The apartment isn’t cursed,
But the lovers who lived there last
Cast shadows from their future on its walls.

Those shadows played out their viciousness
And betrayal years before anything
Needed to be known. The woman
Taught herself to be blind

By wearing the spectacles of a spectre.
Those spectacles made everything invisible
But the dead, so when her lover spoke,
All she saw were his deceased intentions.

For his part, the man banged on doors,
Asking neighbors if he could buy dreams
Where they fell through the air.
He bought a few dreams, then customized

Their landscapes with a shovel.
I must warn you,
The couple never left:
They burrowed into the walls

Just to hide from facts.
When it is early and very quiet,
You can hear them inching
Sideways behind the paintings.

They are so cramped that
They can barely move,
And their sweat leaves
Water stains in the plaster.