she sneaks out of bed
to leave the apartment.

I get up to follow.

it is dark and she bicycles fast,
but I pedal close behind.
when she gets to the zoo,
I hide and watch as she
slips through the bars of a cage,
to give a lap dance to a tiger.

afterwards it gives her a slab of raw meat,
which she eats hungrily even though
she swears to me she’s vegan.

at dawn, she dresses and quickly bicycles home.
I bicycle faster, jumping into bed
just as she unlocks the door,
smelling of every phylum in the zoo.

after she sleeps, I rise
to release our pet bird from its cage:
it circles the room, shitting over
and over into her mouth,
as it’s done ever since
I first opened its cage
to get my revenge.

my lover, who is actually awake,
secretly vows to make me pay
by returning to the zoo
when it is night again.