That One Room

I enter and leave rooms.
That’s all I do, to distract myself.
Sometimes there’s no reason
To enter, but I go in anyway.

Other times there’s no reason to leave,
But I do because no room is the same
As that one room I can’t forget.
There are beautiful people in some rooms,

But I leave them or lead them
To new rooms, then run off.
I sneak into other rooms,
Admire the furnishings and decoration,

Then escape before midnight.
Some rooms I stay in all the
Way until dawn, mesmerized
By the smoothness of a bed sheet

Or lilt of a stranger’s pillow talk.
But always I evict myself before I
Memorize the details of the room.
Some rooms grow on me, and remind me

Of that one room I’m trying to forget,
But I drag myself away, before the room
Has a chance to contain me.
I rush outside, free from

Ceilings, hardwood floors, and walls,
Wandering in freedom because
My only destination is the memory
Of that one room I can’t forget.