A few hours before the paperboy
Drops off horrible news,
You knock on my door
Smelling like every drink
On a wine list.
I open the door and you give me
One gaping kiss,
Your mouth a bullet hole
Deeper and darker than
A bat’s dream.
Your tongue, cremated by
A thousand smokes,
Crumbles in my mouth
And is impossible to find.
Finally, you give me a naughty look
Before crash landing on the sofa,
Where you have the deepest sleep
Until you wake up at dawn,
Nagging me for a soda
Without opening your eyes.
And I am such a fool that
I dress to go to the deli,
Even though it’s colder outside
Than you usually are.
But then again,
If it weren’t for you,
I’d never wake up right
Before dawn to walk outside
Where it is so peaceful
Because everyone sleeps.
The city is most beautiful
When no one looks.
Far away I hear the sound of
Snow plows scraping the world,
Shaving it like a face.