Weather Forecast

Somewhere rain falls on shoulders.
Rain falls on heads. And hats.
Rain falls on infinity
And on the smallest things
That are possible to notice.
Somewhere rain falls through
The sound of falling rain.
Rain falls on the beloved,
And the loving, and the hated.
Rain falls without saying sorry
Or apologizing in any way.

Somewhere rain falls on her.
Somewhere it falls on him.
It doesn’t matter where they are,
Or who they’re with, because
Once the rain starts,
All anyone thinks about is the rain
And how to get out of it.
Who can truly say
They thought about love or death
During the rain?
No, they only thought about where
To find umbrellas.

Rain doesn’t care who it
Lands on or how long it stays
In their hair.
Rain falls on the backs
Of ears, slinking
Into eardrums.
Rain leaves wet
Trails on napes, like
The slime of snails but
Translucent and elegant.

Rain falls onto the bellies of
The pregnant and its pitter patter
Is a secret code telling
The unborn whether to grow up
To be kind or cruel.
Somewhere rain falls
Near you as you sleep.
Rain writes stories about you
On the ground but you’ll never know
Because you’re dreaming.