when we’re drunk


when she’s drunk,
I drive her far out
to the countryside
while she sleeps.
I lift her out of the car
and put her on a pond, where
she floats for hours and hours,
along with water striders
and tangerine-colored leaves.
at dawn, I pull her out
to dry with dandelions
that I collected in the dark.
I drive back to the city, pay the toll,
whiz over the bridge, while the morning
shines on her closed eyes.
I carry her past my doorman
and tuck her into bed
where she sleeps for a few more minutes,
then finally wakes. she tells a few lies
about her dreams, then leaves without a word.


when he’s drunk,
he boards a ferry that sinks
right where moonlight
is strongest on the waves.
the next day, he gets drunk again
and takes the very same ferry.
it’s been this way for years now
and I try to love him even though
sometimes I want him to drown.


when I’m drunk,
I shrink and fall into
the cracks of my sofa.
several old lovers are down there
and we politely hug and catch up.
they tell me about all the men
they have fucked since me
and I tell them about all the women
I have fucked. then I climb out
and take a nap on my sofa until dawn.